When you encounter rejection, it sets off the same aspects of your brain as physical pain will. This is because it feels like a hit to your self-esteem, and can result in feelings of waste, guilt, tension and tremendous grief. It can also make you feel depressed, especially if you start to put up walls or believe badly of yourself. Thank goodness, you can learn to take care of rejection.


First, you need to acknowledge the hurt and grieve the loss in whatever way you should (without hurting others). It might be useful to sit and journal regarding all your thoughts (positive and negative), including what’s going on with the individual who declined you. Obtaining the space to show your feelings will let you get some length from them and be able to respond more objectively to the scenario.

You might also find it useful to consider how you could have influenced the end result of the denial. Perhaps you can see where you could improve your conduct, and try to prevent the same mistakes in the foreseeable future. Or, you may see that the rejection had not been your mistake, and is a thing that’s merely part of the environment all of us live in.

It’s also smart to focus on good aspects of your life and work on augmenting https://www.hernandosun.com/2022/02/14/origins-of-st-valentines-day/ a normal sense of self-esteem. It is easy to fall under a lock in of self-pity, but doing things like physical exercise, learning fresh characteristics of a romanian woman skills, or getting together with friends and family will let you feel even more resilient to rejection in the future.

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