Almost every business needs to integrate systems at some point. When teams and processes are scattered, incompatible and difficult for managers to manage, a desire to bring these services closer to one another arises. This is referred to as business integration.

Modern business integration methods can provide a myriad of benefits to businesses that utilize it. It can enhance performance by eliminating gaps between applications and systems. It can also help reduce manual documents that have to be processed, reducing errors and the costs associated with handling these documents. Finally, it can also reduce maintenance costs by combining solutions onto a single platform.

A modern approach to business-integration can aid in integrating IT with business by converting IT assets into services. This helps in bridging the gap between IT and business goals by ensuring that technology is being purchased, used and managed in line with the company’s goals.

Before embarking on a business integration project, businesses need to identify the most important objectives and the method by which they will be accomplished. Businesses can attain the clarity, focus, and drive they require to tackle integration successfully by developing a strategy that is precise, measurable, and attainable as well as timed and relevant. It is essential that the plan is closely aligned with the company’s culture and that all stakeholders are involved in the planning of the initiative. This will allow for trust and support for the project throughout its duration, which is key to its success.

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