After conducting a thorough market research and studying the latest demands and trends around the globe, our team of researchers concluded that it was high time to explore the telco VAS market. We dove into the transit market to identify new opportunities and initiated with Ncell Axiatia in 2018, launching a couple of VAS products. The first product was a video-based VAS that offered local and authentic video content to users. The second product was an SMS-based infotainment service that success of these products in Nepal encouraged us to explore similar opportunities in other countries.

Service We Offer:

  • video-based services
  • Infotainment Based Service
  • Game Based Service

Infotainment Based Service

  • SMS-based trivia
  • Jokes and humor content
  • Horoscope and astrology services
  • Weather and traffic updates
  • Health and wellness tips
  • Quotes and motivational messages
  • Recipe and cooking tips
  • Celebrity gossip and news
  • Sports updates and scores

The video-based service

  • Celebrity Interviews
  • Documentaries & Comedy videos
  • News videos, Music videos & Short films
  • Food and cooking videos, Travel videos
  • Fitness and wellness videos

Game Based Service

  • Mobile and PC games
  • Online multiplayer games
  • Racing and driving games
  • Social and multiplayer games

Bulk SMS service

  • Mass Message Sending
  • Message Personalization
  • Message Scheduling
  • Delivery Reports
  • Opt-in and Opt-out Management


IMG, a group of companies, planned to expand its business by exploring VAS solutions and building an efficient in-house tech team. After researching and training tech experts from the market, IMG established a new entity called IMG Tech Solution. Today, IMG Tech Solution provides multi-skilled software services with value-based solutions and professional services to customers

Major Services Offered by IMG Tech Solution:

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Website Development
  • Custom Application Development
  • Digital Transformation services
  • Payment Integration and Direct Billing Solutions

Our services include Mobile Application, Website Development, Desktop Application, UI Development, Database Management, and Custom Application Development. We work with customers to create user-friendly website experiences and grow their business digitally. IMG Tech Solution can be a part of the entire journey from idea to reality, handling all details with care and professionalism.

Investing minimal effort for better results is the wise choice. IMG Tech Solution strive your idea to reality. We can be a part of entire journey from the incubation of idea till the horizon of those ideas. All the details you provide to us will be handled with absolute care and professionalism. The industry is filled with people professing to be IT professionals, but possibility speaks volumes. A minimal investment on your part for better results is the wiser thing to do.


HR management is the process of overseeing and directing an organization’s human resources department. This includes responsibilities such as recruiting and hiring employees, managing employee benefits and compensation, developing, and implementing policies and procedures, and providing support and guidance to employees. Our company, IMG, has recently added an HR Solutions section to our business in response to the needs of the Nepalese labor market and after consulting with our corporate clients.

Major Services Offered by IMG HR Management Solution:

  • Employee Benefits and Compensation
  • Compliance with labor laws
  • Training and Development
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Relations
  • Recruitment Solution and Career management
  • Advising on policies and procedures
  • Insights and Analytics
  • Brand promotion and advertisement.

We assist businesses with a variety of tasks related to human resources, such as recruiting and hiring employees, managing employee benefits and compensation, and ensuring compliance with labor laws. Our company also provides training and development opportunities for employees, as well as assistance with performance management and employee relations. We have a strong reputation as a national leader in recruitment solutions and career management in Nepal.

With our innovative technology, customer-focused approach, and ability to connect employers with job seekers, we have become a preferred brand among recruiters. We are proud to offer our services to over 100 employers and reach out to potential candidates both inside Nepal and abroad. Our goal is to streamline HR processes and improve overall efficiency, while also providing valuable insights into workforce data. We strive to be an inevitable bridge between the hiring employers and the job seekers.


IMG Customer Care Solution is a service provided by IMG Tech Solution to assist customers with their queries and concerns. The service is designed to provide customers with a seamless experience, and to ensure that their needs are met in a timely and efficient manner. The team is trained to handle customer interactions with professionalism and empathy. The service is available through various channels such as phone, email, live chat, and social media. The goal of IMG Customer Care Solution is to ensure that customers have a positive experience and to build long-term relationships with them.

One of the key clients of IMG Customer Care Solution is Naaasa Securities Broker No. 58, a leading organization in the field of share market and stock in Nepal. Since 2020, IMG has been providing call center solutions to Naaasa Securities, where we handle the queries of customers, provide possible instant solutions, and report to higher management for the queries that cannot be solved from the call center itself. This helps in ensuring that customers receive prompt and efficient service, and that any concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

The call center solution is a vital component of IMG’s customer care service, and it plays an important role in building long-term relationships with customers. It allows us to provide instant solutions to the customers, which helps in maintaining customer satisfaction and keeping them loyal. This, in turn, helps in building a good reputation in the market and attract new customers.